Apple looks to arming up again

Steve Jobs loved his ARM based chip so much he is looking at an upscaled A8 system on a chip for the next generation of toys he is making.

When the iPad launched last year it had an A4 System-on-Chip processor this chip was also seen in the broken iPhone 4.

Jobs had a few options about what to do with the next generation of phones. There are some new chips out there which could do a nice job and be fairly innovative. Perhaps something from Nvidia like the dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra T20.

However according to a Hong Kong based newspaper Apple Daily, Apple is working on the next generation iPhone and has contacted a few Taiwan-based suppliers for the bits.

They claim that Jobs is sticking to ARM architecture based A8 System-on-Chip for the iPhone 5 and other devices.

Word on the street is that Jobs wants his A8 dual core with something like PowerVR SGX543 graphics on the same silicon. He also seems to be wanting to standardise the beast across his range of toys including the iPad, iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod touch and second generation Apple TV.

PowerVR SGX543 supports dual-core processors and also OpenCL which makes it friendly with the graphics Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

It is possible that Apple Daily might have got its A8 confused with the ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, which resides in the Apple A4 SoC processor, but it does all make sense.

Shoving a dual core chip onto an iPhone would make a lot of sense as it would ratchet the gizmo up a notch. The only downside we can see in dual core is that it might take a hit on battery life.

Using the SoC on all Jobs’ designs would mean that the outfit would benefit from economies of scale.

It does mean that Jobs will be standardising everything in his walled garden until it is basically a different interface to the same mechanics.