Apple faces shortfall on NAND as Toshiba plant fails

A Japanese wire reported that a major Toshiba fab producing NAND memory for Apple and other vendors will fall short of production by up to 20 percent over the next few months. reported that Toshiba’s plant at Yokkaichi, which produces the precious NAND memory beloved of Apple, failed because a power plant stopped.

The problem is that fabs are very very delicate things and cleanrooms can stop to function completely if backup systems don’t work properly. And it seems that has happened.

Companies like Apple depend on firms in the supply chain to produce reliable components and if the supply falls short, all sorts of repercussions can follow.  Toshiba does manufacture components for both the iPhone and the iPad but what’s bad news for the Japanese company might be good news for other firms that can supply Apple.

Samsung could benefit from the shortfall but it’s unclear at press time whether it has enough production to take up the slack. The report is here (sub required).