Apple could become an iFabless company

It’s pretty clear that Apple’s A4, using technology from PA Semi that it owns, signals a sign that the company is serious about using its energy and resources to design chips.

But, a new magazine, speculates that there could be much more than just dabbling with the idea.

We already know that Apple has two ex-ATI chief technology officers working on something or other in Cupertino. They won’t be twiddling their fingers, that’s for sure.

The author of the piece in speculates that in five years time Mac OS X will run on nothing but Apple designed microprocessors, and suggests that Apple doesn’t want to have all its eggs in the Intel basket.

Even AMD has become a fabless design company, despite its founder Jerry Sanders III proclaiming on every possible occasion that only real men have fabs.

Apple won’t be building $2 billion fabs, that’s for sure. is here.