Apple chip man joins AMD

The Tame Apple Press is shocked that Apple’s chip-design guru Jim Keller is leaving the company and joining AMD.

The SFGate  said “what is he thinking?”  It thinks that it is an odd choice to leave “the world’s most successful technology company” for one that is “lost in the woods”.

At Apple, Keller was the director in the platform architecture group with a focus on mobile products. He was the bloke who did much of the work around the Cupertino company’s custom chips that go into iPhones, iPads and iPods.

So why would he change his desk to become the chief architect of the AMD’s chip designs?

Well for a start it is a promotion as there are a lot more AMD chips out there than have an Apple logo and he can make a difference in a much more public way.

Apple is not the greatest place to work in the world, its black shirted security people monitor everything to make sure that everything is kept nice and secret.

In edition, he can really make a mark at AMD which has been facing a biblical proportioned exodus ever since its former chief executive, Dirk Meyer, was fired.

A bloke with talent, particularly in the mobile market, could clean up and help AMD give Intel a kicking.

Keller has a bit of a magic touch. He built some superfast server chips that made Digital Equipment famous. When he worked for AMD last he revamped its main product lines. He only ended up working for Jobs’ Mob because Apple acquired his last startup, PA Semi.

But the rest of the PA Semi team has also thought Apple not worth sticking with. Amarjit Gil is the CEO of a startup called Maginatics, Dan Dobberpuhl, retired, Wayne Meretsky is working at a kiwi robotics firm and Leo Joseph has become a movie producer.