Apple about to switch to Intel

Rumours are that fruity cargo-cult Apple really is thinking of dumping its own chips and switching to something from Intel.

But sources close to Intel discount this as a possibility, suggesting that it’s an effort by interested people in Wall Street to godify the fruity company.

And it does seem strange that as Microsoft rushes to ARM, Apple is seeking to deepen its alliance with Intel, however this dark satanic rumour has been manufactured by the hacks at Forbes so it is probably worth looking at. All stories, after all, eventually come true.

The idea has been blessed by Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung who claimed that Apple was going to ditch its own processors for chips designed and built by Intel.

Part of the scenario is that Apple has picked a patent fight with Samsung which builds Apple’s processors. Apple claims it is copying its designs and no longer wants to use the outfit to make its chips.

If the fruity cargo cult does a deal with Chipzilla it does not have to use Samsung, and can also make use of some of Intel’s better process technologies.

Now, we have written that Apple has been planning to work with Intel to build Apple’s chips, but the deal on the table is much bigger than that.

What you would see is a transition away from Apple and ARM designs and to something entirely x86, Yeung said.

It means that Intel will have moved Apple away from a competing processor design twice in its life. In 2005 Apple announced a switch from IBM’s PowerPC processors to Intel’s chips for its Macintosh line.

But unlike PowerPC, ARM dominates the market for smartphones. Intel is trying to extend its elbows and push into the market. It would be unusual for Apple to do anything as radical as flip into untried technology.

But Jobs might be thinking that Intel’s 22 nanometers wide process technology could enable him to make some very sexy toys.

Intel is also talking about shoving its Atom processors onto its most advanced process technology.

By 2014 Atom processors could be 14 nanometers wide. Tying products to that sort of technology would be possible if Intel had a good deal with Apple.

Yeung is certain that the reason Chipzilla is expanding its plants to handle 14nm, may have been inspired by the potential for an Apple relationship. 

*EyeSee We overheard as much eavesdropping at The Tavern pub in Taipei.