Anthropologist gets top job at Intel

Intel has started a research division that will explore how people interact with machines and it’s headed up by an Aussie anthropologist.

Genevieve Bell (pictured), who grew up in the outback as far as we recall, will be head of a division called Interaction Experience Research.

Her goal will be to help Intel figure out how we’ll all see computing in the future.  According to CTO Justin Rattner, Bell will figure out how computers become more personal and social using sensors and natural interfaces like touch, gesture and voice.

You see that gesture Genevieve is making? That speaks volumes.

Rattner said in a prepared release that better technology isn’t enough these days. He thinks that people value a “deeply personal information experience”.  Intel has assembled a team of researchers including user interface people and social scientists.

“The television experience isn’t the same as the web experience,” he said.

Intel is playing around with the possibility that devices will understand their surroundings and monitor our real time activities and display them live to our networked friends and family, said Rattner.

Not all of them, we hope.

Intel also showed off a low cost energy sensor used to monitor how much money you’re spending on energy. And Intel, it seems, also showed off a computer that can read a user’s thoughts. Not all of them, we hope.

Err… the thought I have is when is Intel going to develop a better Windows than Windows and a better Mac OSX than Apple?