Analyst warns of ARM revolution

Thanks to airstrikes, ARM is invading the x86 MPU home turf and is threatening the old autocrat Intel in its bunker of PCs, desktop systems and servers.

Analyst Bill McLean, CEO of IC Insights.  claims that the spread of ARM-based processors could go beyond tablet computers and invade the x86 MPU turf in mainstream home PCs, desktop systems, and even network servers.

He claimed that the steep takeoff of touch-screen tablets has turned the portable-computer segment upside down, which we imagine makes it a bit difficult to see the screen.

McLean thinks that Intel and AMD are scrambling to head off the overwhelming success of ARM-based processors in tablets.

ARM processors were used in over 90 percent of the 17m tablets sold by all systems suppliers in 2010, and nearly that same share is expected in 2011.

He thinks that the IC market will top $300 billion for the first time in 2013 and smartphone shipments are forecast to grow 60 percent in 2011 to 440m units, after increasing 56 percent to 275 million in 2010. He claimed that this is significant because smartphones contain as much as 9x more NAND flash than a basic or enhanced mobile and will push this market too.

However like many analysts McLean seems to have ignored the fact that outside Apple, tablets have failed to take off and might even just be a Jobsian fad, like the iPod.