AMD's Trinity slide leaked

A slide which provides performance specs of AMD’s new platform, Trinity shows that it will have a 30 per cent performance increase over Llano.

According to the Turkish site, DonanimHaber the slides show estimated performance in visual and general performance, and parallel computing performance, as well as details of expected crossfire performance improvements.

DonanimHaber released details in a Turkish video here  and the slide is in English. We were tipped off by a reference to it on the CPU World website.

In 3DMark Vantage, Trinity is showing an average of a little over 30 percent compared to Llano in visual tasks. General performance using the PCMark Vantage shows a pretty depressing 13 percent performance boost. Trinity did much better on the GPGPU compute tests, taking advantage of the VLIW4 architecture, show an improvement of over 56 percent

The last slide shows that when you using a Radeon HD6570 GPU in crossfire. The HD6570 outperforms the APU in visual performance, but when used in Crossfire configuration the performance increase is far more significant.

What this means is that Trinity will be better for visually intensive tasks like gaming with the specs suggesting a 25 percent and 40 percent boost for graphics intensive tasks. The CPU is about 15 percent better than before meaning that the extra cores equates to a higher performance boost.