AMD's Trinity is 30 percent faster on the draw

AMD has been showing off its next generation APU Trinity and its specs are looking impressive.

According to Tom’s Hardware, Trinity could be almost 30 percent faster than Llano  graphical performance could be even better, topping out at just over 56 percent.

AMD lifted the kimono on the new processor and its Piledriver based core. Most of the testing was performed with 3Dmark and PCmark software, but there were some real world aspects to the demos too.

A laptop system showed it was possible to game with 4x anti aliasing with high detail at a resolution of 1366×768 in Dirt 3.

As you might expect the desktop version of the APU was even more impressive, capable of handling a resolution of 5040×1050 across three screens. There was no AA and detail levels were lower, but since this is an integrated GPU, that is not bad.

AMD talked about how there will be an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) version of both the desktop and notebook variants, allowing for increased battery life and a reduced energy bill. This will be part of AMD’s attempt to push into the “it is not really an Ultrabook, it is something special” market.