AMD's Rick Bergman ends up at Synaptics

Rick Bergman, who is not the same bloke who was behind stuffing up Star Trek and the god awful “family values” dinosaur series “Terra Nova”, has found a new home as the new president and CEO of Synaptics.

As we reported, Bergman left AMD  after joining the outfit when it bought out ATI. He is the latest high profile executive to leave AMD this year.

Synaptics makes interfaces for computers in the mobile computing and communications fields. It was announced that Bergman is replacing Russ Knittle, who had spent almost a year as interim president and CEO.

His work at AMD makes Bergman a good fit at Synaptics, according to Francis Lee, chairman of Synaptics’ board of directors.

In a statement Lee said that Bergman was a visionary leader with a proven track record of driving performance to a higher level.

He hopes that Bergman can sort out Synaptics as it starts to make a lot of dosh out of capacitive touch technology.

Bergman added that he had always been impressed by Synaptics’ track record of financial performance and drawn to the tremendous talent and engineering depth across the organisation.