AMD's Phenom II X4 970 will have two flavours

It seems that AMD’s forthcoming Phenom II X4 970 will not only be the fastest quad core chip on the block to emerge from the Intel wanna-be’s fabs, but it will also come in two different flavours.

According to tech site Xbit Labs there will be two types of AMD Phenom II X4 970 central processing units aimed at retail market.

There will be a boxed version based on the Deneb design that has four cores and another for OEMs based on the Zosma design, which is a six-core Thuban chip with two disabled cores that can be unlocked on certain mainboards.

We normally see the OEM versions of CPUs from AMD eventually emerge in retail markets, which means that it will be possible to buy a quad-core product and transform it into a six-core microprocessor using the BIOS.

Some mainboards allow enthusiasts to re-enable disabled cores inside quad-core and triple-core processors without any instabilities, which means you will be abcke to get a six core chip for around $200.

The quad-core AMD Phenom II X4 970 microprocessor will be clocked at 3.50GHz, will feature 8MB of cache, dual-channel DDR2/DDR3 memory controller and will be compatible with AM3 and select AM2+ mainboards. The chip should be with us on September, 21, 2010.

It is worthwhile pointing out that AMD did not comment on the story which has all the indications of being a leak.