AMD's Papermaster considers patent trolling

AMD has been thinking about turning to patent trollage as a good way to make a bit of spare cash.

CTO Mark Papermaster has been thinking about new ways to make money and has noticed that every big tech outfit seems to be in court to collect money on patents.

Talking to the Jefferies global technology and telecom conference in New York, Papermaster said that AMD has got a rich tradition of innovation.

The only thing it has not done enough of is “leveraging” and he was having a look at the leveraging tools in the legal department to jack up a few writs.

According to ZDNethe talked about how he could “architect bringing those IP’s pieces together”. This is all to do with something called a methodology standpoint which sounds to us like a classical jazz dance step.

Papermaster wants to “marry that strategy” with what’s going on in the industry and get out the levers.

This means leveraging the CPU, that GPU all of the IP, the multimedia, the high-speed memory accesses, and the other IP AMD has been developing over the years.

After all that leveraging, you are going to need a nice refreshing drink. Somehow all this leveraging is going to be focused on segments. With a bit of tailored differentiation so that people look nice. At least that is what we think he meant.

The short of it is that AMD has 40 years worth of patents in CPUs and graphics so we guess you can expect a call from one of his leveraging tools to be visiting you with a writ any day now.