AMD's mid-range Curacao Pro leaked

AMD appears to be leaking like a sieve after detailing of AMD’s upcoming Hawaii and Oland GPU hit the blogs, and now some of the first pictures of AMD’s mid-range Curacao Pro graphics card have emerged.

For those who came in late, the Curacao chip will be replacing the current Radeon HD 7800 ‘Pitcairn’ based GPUs and arrive in two variants, the XT and Pro.

A reader of WCC Tech found leaked pictures which show off the Curacao Pro graphics card.

What is odd about it is that has a cooler unlike anything yet seen on an AMD graphics card. It is a simple fan which pushes air towards a large circular aluminium fin heatsink. The heatsink is similar to the reference Radeon HD 7950 cards. The cooler shroud is something new and has large cuts which act as exhaust.

The card is branded as the R7-260. This flies in the face of earlier reports which claimed it would be known as the R9-270 with the XT variant being called the AMD R9-270X.

It will end up in the confirmed R-200 ‘Volcanic Islands’ lineup and takes a single 6-Pin connector which hints a maximum TDP of 150W.

There is limited information regarding any of the Volcanic Islands GPU – the only spec details have been for the Hawaii R9-290X, which is featuring 512-bit 4 GB memory.