AMD's John Byrne foresees HSA as industry standard

John Byrne, SVP and General Manager of Global Accounts at AMD, has told ChannelBiz UK that the recently announced Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)’s success counts on it becoming an industry standard.

Byrne did not give much more away, but did indicate that there will be more on HSA to be revealed “very soon”.

Byrne also claimed that AMD’s Bulldozer has been doing fairly well in both the consumer and enterprise markets. This is despite what Byrne calls the “somewhat mixed” PC benchmark reviews for performance. According to Byrne, those only tell “part of the story”, and modern applications and workloads are a more realistic test of architecture.

The exec also waved goodbye to AMD’s Commercial Stable Image Platform (CSIP). The technology, he said, was “no longer needed” as AMD can control overall stability, and that means longer life cycles for commercial platforms. That stability rocketed up, according to Byrne, after AMD bought out ATI many moons ago and was able to integrate CPU and GPUs or APUs.

As far as APUs go, Byrne believes we’re at the beginning of that cycle. “As more customers launch products based on these new APUs we can see the APU momentum grow,” he said. “I think we arae only just beginning and we can continue to bring the APU experience to more customers and product designers”.

“It’s amazing to think that the APU is still a relatively new technology,” Byrne said. “Experiencing first hand what our latest APUs can deliver shows the positive direction AMD is headed with this technology”.

The full interview with Channelbiz UK is here