AMD's Interlagos and Valencia appear

AMD has announced the latest in its Opteron line, codenamed Interlagos and Valencia – the 6200 and 4200 series processors. 

With Interlagos and Valencia, AMD claims it’s targeting the business and enterprise space. The chips are perfect for exciting things like virtualisation and cloud processing, and they’ll be a good fit for high performance computing too. 

AMD says its Bulldozer architecture will be bulldozing into a number of channel and motherboard partners over the next few weeks. Among the customers are Acer, Cray, Dell, HP and IBM.

Sunnyvale’s number one chip company also plans to introduce the Opteron 3000 series, which is aimed squarely at the low power server and microserver markets. There will be the 4-8 core Zurich CPU, and it will ship in the first half of 2012. 

AMD is trying to nibble on Intel’s ankle, claiming that its new lines offer “89 percent greater performance” than the “most popular server processor from the competition at the same price”.

The lines will offer between four and 16 cores, and promise decent power efficiency – with AMD boasting as low as 4.375 Watts per core. Speaking on power, AMD says its latest are the only x86 processors which can support ultra low voltage 1.25v memory.

In a statement, an executive who did not face the workforce cull, Paul Struhsakr of the commercial business arm, says the new AMD Opterons will “deliver an inspired balance of performance, scalability and efficiency.”