AMD's Hondo not around until Windows 8

While AMD is going to release its 32nm Trinity APUs in notebooks later this month, it is not planning to release the tablet friendly Hondo chips until Windows 8 comes out.

According to Digitimes, Hondo flavours of Trinity will not be around until the fourth quarter.  This is when Windows 8 will hit the shops and the war between Intel, with its Ivy Bridge and AMD with Trinity will really take off.

AMD is set to delay the version of the A-Series Trinity APUs for desktops until August. This is because it wants prices to come under those of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and to result in a string of surprise tablet Christmas specials.

The company’s ultra low power (ULP) 40nm Hondo APUs are being targeted at the new tablet and ‘ultrathin’ – also known as ultrabooks – market.  While it will be a traditional slugging match between Intel and AMD, the real rival for both is ARM which has control over the mobile market at the moment.

Digitimes added that AMD will release its low-power Brazos 2.0 APUs including the 18W E2-1800 and E1-1200 in June and new FX series processors including the FX-8350, FX-6300 and FX-4320 in the third quarter.