AMD's chief spinner Dessau officially clears off

AMD’s chief marketing officer, Nigel Dessau, is the latest suit to find that grass is always greener over the septic tank and to exit the fabless chip maker.

When a company’s loudest voice starts thinking of leaving, there are usually rumours and these started circulating last week.

Then on a bog published by Dessau on AMD’s website he wrote some predictions for AMD in 2012 which stated that he found himself at an “inflection point”. We often find ourselves at inflection point, the local Rat and Handgun has a special snug for inflection.

He went on to say while he was truly excited by the prospects for AMD, there are projects in his life outside of the company that offers him “compelling opportunities”.

According to Dessau, who has a nose for marketing, what has got his attention is the website The 3 Minute Mentor and he has been planning a book based on the website for some time.

He said that he will remain at AMD to assist with marketing organisation transitions and the 2012 planning cycle. “After that, I will put on my shades and head off into the Texas sun.” 

According to the dark satanic rumour mill, things are not well with the AMD marketing team. A large number of them were handed pink slips and told to go forth and multiply when the new CEO took over.

When AMD had its ten percent staff cuts, it looks like most of them were in marketing. Exiting during that period was Patrick Moorhead, who has founded business consulting firm Moor Insights & Strategy.