AMD's A8-3850 APU unlocked multiplier useless

AMD’s new A8-3850 APU has been shipping with an unlocked multiplier which is the sort of thing that gets overclockers moist.

However OCWorkbench  has been playing around with it and they say that it is absolutely useless. You can raise its default 29x value will not give you any performance gain.  One Chinese site reportedly has been posting a  CPU-Z screen shot of A8-3850 at a whopping speed of 5.6GHz (100×56)

In fact, if you want to look really cool, you can leaving the base clock (BClk) at the default 100 and push the multiplier to achieve some huge numbers.

It will make no difference to the chip which will chug along as well as it ever did. Some are wondering why AMD did not bother to lock it down.

We think that is an attempt at psychosomatic overclocking.

Overclockers are a bit like hi-fi experts who believe that they can tell the difference if they spend all afternoon making sure that their chip can go five percent faster.

AMD seems to have worked out that all you need to do is give them the software to think it is faster and they will convince themselves.