AMD will release two Zacate Fusion APUs by year's end

AMD is to release two new accelerated processing units (APUs) towards the end of this year, according to a document posted on a German website.

The document shows two “Zacate” Fusion APUs, one a single-core, DX11-compatible, 8GA, 18W model, while the other is a dual-core, DX11-compatible, 8GA, 24W model. 

An APU combines the CPU and GPU together and so tends to require more power to run, but these new models consume very low amounts of power compared to others that AMD offers, which can use as much as 95W.

However, some are not convinced that the power-saving involved is significant enough for what the APUs actually do, with 18W seen as a high power usage for a single core model.

Both are shown with a planned release schedule for the latter part of the fourth quarter 2010, most likely some time in late November or early December. This is prime time to hit the market for the Christmas period, making it the first Fusion chip to go on sale.

TheTechReport believes these may be Ontario chips, with cores based on the new Bobcat architecture. Ontario chips support DX11 and are created on a 40 nanometre fabrication process. 

The Ontario chips were brought forward for an ahead-of-release schedule of late 2010, at the expense of Llano chips, which saw release dates pushed back into 2011. AMD sees Ontario as a “game changer”, which makes the new Zacate Fusion APUs an intriguing launch later this year.