AMD will provide Wii GPU

AMD is telling the world and its dog that it has scored a big win getting its GPU under the bonnet of Nintendo’s new Wii U console.

The outfit said that it has provided a “custom AMD Radeon HD GPU” for the system although it has been jolly short on providing any hard stats.

AMD has been getting close to Nintendo lately and helped in supplying the graphics for the Gamecube and the Wii, so it is hardly a shock announcement.

AMD must be hoping that the Wii U will be the run-away best seller that the first console was, which is the opposite of what market analysts are predicting.

Earlier IBM had announced that it was providing the CPU for the Wii U. Apparently the 45nm custom chip will have “a lot” of embedded DRAM.

It will use a silicon on insulator design and the same processor technology found in Watson, which is IBM’s flagship supercomputer which managed to win a round of Jeopardy.

Sadly both outfits are refusing to say much about the Wii U, but then again they will not want to steal Nintendo’s thunder during the crucial lead up time to release.