AMD wants to nuke Intel’s NUC

Earlier this year Intel surprised the world with a range of NUC kits, which featured some impressive hardware in a tiny package. Although it was never intended to be a huge market success, the highly integrated NUC was viewed as the next logical step in desktop evolution.

AMD clearly got the message as it is apparently working on similar designs of its own. Speaking in a conference call last week, AMD public relations manager Peter Amos confirmed that the company is indeed working with partners on Kabini based 4×4-inch designs, reports Xbit Labs.

Although AMD’s systems will feature the same form factor, they will end up a bit slower. Most Intel NUC boards and barebones are based on Ivy Bridge Core i5 and Core i3 parts, which are pretty fast – and expensive. However, the cheapest Intel NUC is powered by the frugal Celeron 847 and this seems to be the one AMD is gunning for.

Kabini can’t match the Core i3 in terms of performance, but it should have no trouble wiping the floor with the Celeron 847. In addition, Kabini has better graphics and it could end up a bit cheaper than Intel’s offering.