AMD updates Fusion APU details

AMD has announced a few more details of its forthcoming mobile A-Series microprocessors with integrated graphics, or APUs.

At the launch, AMD will have seven dual and quad-core SKUs, clocked from 1.5GHz to 2.1GHz, which can hit 2.6GHz in Turbo Core mode.

According to the 2011 AMD Notebook Platform page, which can be seen here  the details are pretty much what we expected. All have UD3 and Direct X 11.

All are built on the Llano core, which is a die shrink of the K10 used in Athlon II and Phenom II.

They are made up of the A8-, A6- and A4-families. The A8-Series chips have four CPU cores, four MB of L2 cache, and Radeon HD 6620G graphics with 400 shader units and 444 MHz clock rate.

The A6 has slower integrated HD 6520G graphics with a 400 MHz clock rate and only 320 shaders.

The A4-Series has two CPU cores with 2MB L2 cache, and HD 6480G graphics with 240 shaders, clocked at 444 MHz.

All A-Series APUs have Turbo Core technology, and support up to DDR3-1333 memory. Some MX models go up to DDR3-1600.

The CPUs use socket FS1 form-factor with 35 Watt Thermal Design Power for “M” parts, or 45 Watt TDP for “MX” parts.

So far we have not seen any official benchmarks of A-Series APUs. CPU performance is expected to be slightly slower than performance of previous Danube mobile platform.

This will create a situation where Intel based number crunching laptops will be better, but for those who want 3D applications and 3D gaming, the AMD chips will walk all over their Chipzilla counterparts.

Laptop manufacturers could use the new chips as a way of making 3D laptops affordable for the great unwashed.