AMD unveils sexy, sorry romantic Opteron processors

Stuck for a present this Valentine’s Day? Well nothing says ‘I love you’ better than one of AMD’s sexy new Opteron 6100 series processor, unveiled today.

That is precisely what Dell, Acer and HP have received from AMD, and the three firms will now be launching new or refreshed AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform-based systems this quarter, powered by these new 12- and 8-core AMD Opteron token-of-affection processors.

The new processor will cater for the rising demand in low-power, balanced systems for SMBs, and increased performance increased performance-per-dollar-per-watt for enterprise and public sector environments, the firm whispered seductively via an emailed press release today.

“These new server CPUs deliver greater performance than we’ve ever had before,” said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server Business, AMD.

“When we launched the AMD Opteron 6000 Series platforms last year, we eliminated the ‘4p tax’and met market demands for higher performance-per-dollar-per-watt. Our customers’ benchmarks and testimonials bear out these improvements, and these five new parts—and the rave reviews—prove that we continue to deliver on our vision.”

Two new Opteron HE processors, the 6132 HE and 6166 HE, are targeted towards the market demand for highly scalable, power efficient systems that are especially suited to virtualization and cloud computing.

The Opteron 6180 SE processor meanwhile enables increased performance in key environments such as financial services and databases, as well as newly virtualised datacenters.

 All of the processors, which also include the 6140 and 6176, are socket compatible with the Opteron 6000 Series platform, as will the forthcoming Bulldozer based Opteron processors.