AMD unveils more details of Fusion systems

An entry on an AMD bog has revealed a few more details of its up and coming Fusion CPUs – the ones that will be built by TSMC, that is.

John Taylor writes that there will be two flavours of the low power Fusion products.

The 18 watt TDP flavour is codenamed Zacate and aimed at ultrathin, mainstream and “value” notebooks, as well as desktops and “all-in-one” systems. The Ontario is a nine watt TDP chip and that’s the one called Ontario we’ve heard about already.  Ontario is aimed at netbooks and small desktops as well as other devices.

fusionBoth of these Fusion chips come with two Bobcat X86 cores and include UVD hardware acceleration for HD video.

The bog contains a little snap of a low power Fusion processor, comparing it to a one Euro coin (below) and a two zloty Polish coin.

AMD has also got a codename for the notebooks, netbooks and desktops that will use Fusion chips – and that’s Brazos (no relation).

Systems will be available in early 2011, Taylor says. His bog is here.