AMD turns into ATI

Word on the street is that AMD is about to take control of 40 per cent of the GPU market.

Taiwanese oracle Digitimes has been chatting to its unnamed graphics card maker sources and come up with a yarn which claims that AMD’s global market share for GPUs is on the rise since the launch of its Radeon R7 and R9 series.

In fact, the outfit is expected to increase to 40 percent over the next half year.

Recently AMD announced net profits of $48 million for the third quarter with notebook-related shipments dropping significantly and revenues from GPUs also declining.

But sales from customised products and stable desktop shipments helped the company to turn profitable.

AMD itself is not doing so well, but it is starting to look like it is dependent on its graphics business to keep it sinking under completely.

There were those who thought that AMD was insane to write a cheque for $5.6 billion to buy ATI in 2006. But over the last two years the GPU business has done wonders for AMDs bottom line. If the Digitimes rumours are correct then it means that AMD is fast becoming ATI as its own regular chip business flounders.