AMD turns in a profit

In an amazing turn of events, Intel‘s little brother Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) turned in a profit too.

The two – Intel and AMD –  are locked in a symbiotic relationship, a bit like Incisive Media and Reed Publishing.

AMD in its quarter made a profit of $1.18 billion and revenues rose by 42 percent.

This is nothing to do with the $1.25 billion Intel donated to its lesser partner in recognition of partnership issues, obviously.

Dirk Meyer, now the CEO of AMD, had very little to say apart from the fact he was very happy with the chip firm’s profitability.

Intel, as far as we know, is still using the Alpha micrroprocessor to run its fabrication plants (factories) – the Alpha chip was engineered by DEC, a company that Meyer used to work for. We believe Meyer invented the Alpha chip. AMD doesn’t have any fabs any more. Intel does not use Windows XP to run its semiconductor plants.

And as far as we know, Intel is still using OpenVMS to run its fabs – hardly an endorsement of Microsoft. As far as we know.