AMD Trinity ready for first quarter 2012

A leaked AMD roadmap appears to show that Llano’s replacement, Trinity, is going to arrive in Q1 next year.

The roadmap tipped up on the 3DCentre forum and it shows that AMD is following the same Llano strategy with Trinity.

There will be four different main SKUs, although at the moment AMD is not telling anyone what the specific models are.

Trinity will be based on AMD’s new Pilderiver core which is derived from Bulldozer, and will be the same core that will be jacked under the bonnet of the AMD FX series.

Dubbed Comal, initially it’ll co-exist with the Sabine platform which is the current mobile Llano APUs combined with the A70M and A60M chipsets. Comal will use the same chipsets and socket.

Apparently there will be some improved graphics, which are codenamed London and the TDP will remain the same as for the current APUs.

Later there will be the release of Wichita and Krishna SKUs which are part of the Deccan platform. These will feature a Bobcat core, but the graphics core be the same as for Trinity.

AMD appears to have developed a new FCH for Wichita and Krishna called Yuba. Yuba runs two SATA 6Gbps ports, two USB 3.0 ports, 10 USB 2.0 ports, 4 PCI Express x1 lanes, under a SDHC controller and various other basic chipset features. Yuba is expected to kill off the A50M FCH in this product category. The roadmap suggest that the Deccan platform should launch sometime in Q2 next year.

In the “ultra low power” segment AMD is releasing Hondo, which is a next gen Desna APU which brings the power down from 5.9W to 4.5W.

This Hondo uses two Bobcat cores and Loveland graphics. The platform will be known as Brazos T and will probably end up in tablets. There is a new FCH called A55T. The A55T is a small and simplified FCH with a single SATA port, SDIO support and eight USB 2.0 ports.

Looking ahead to 2013 Trinity will be replaced by Kaveri which will feature Steamroller CPU cores and an unknown graphics core. Below that there will be the Kabini with its Jaguar cores and the tablet friendly Samara APU.

While we have heard rumours that AMD is speeding up its Trinity releases, it is not clear if it will manage this roadmap. This year it has been slow at meeting its targets and this leak might just be something someone shoved in the rubbish bin because it was unworkable.