AMD Trinity delay rumour rubbished

AMD’s shares have been taking a caning after investors started to get miffed at the chipmaker’s timetable for the release of Trinity.

According to Barrons it should have been a good day for AMD after the maker of expensive printer ink, HP, announced new notebook computers that are supposed to use the Trinity APUs.

But there were fears that AMD was starting to delay Trinity.

Raymond James’s chip analyst Hans Mosesmann said the shareholders were being daft and cited the HP laptop announcement as proof that things were cooking in the Trinity front.

The laptops are supposed to be out 20 June and so it is unlikely that there will be a Trinity delay, he said.

He had also phoned up AMD and reconfirmed Trinity’s release date.

Mosesmann expected to see additional Trinity based products in early June at Computex, too. He thinks that AMD will outperform all expectations this year,