AMD to show off Jaguar in August

AMD is going to release details of its low-power CPU for tablets code-named Jaguar in August.

According to PC World, AMD will be showing off the new chip at the Hot Chips conference.

It is expected that the Jaguar CPU will be in tablets that will become available next year. It will be integrated in a chip alongside a fairly meaty graphics processor.

Jaguar will probably be seen in a dual-core tablet chip code-named Tamesh next year, and also in low-power laptops.

The idea for Jaguar was released earlier this year and it will replace the Bobcat processor, which will be used in the Hondo tablet chip for the last time later this year when Vole releases its Windows 8 OS.

AMD has a lot to prove and practically no history in the tablet market. The only thing it offers for tablets are the Z-series chips for tablets are as popular as Dick Cheney at a Taliban prayer meeting.

Analysts expect the Jaguar processor to be faster and more power-efficient with the new architecture.

Most of the power efficiency is expected to come from the 28-nanometer manufacturing process touted for Jaguar. Hondo will use the 40-nm process.

Having a chip that uses 28nm should help push AMD ahead of Intel, whose Clover Trail chip will be made using the 32-nm process. Outside of that, it will be hoping that it will sell well based on its graphics, which should manage to outclass anything Intel is offering.