AMD to intro quad-core Fusion for notebooks in June

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that AMD is planning to release a quad-core Fusion-based chip for notebooks in June.

The chip, which will have the catchy name the A8-3530MX will be based on the Sabine chip and will manage 1.9GHz A8-3530MX and will have 4MB of Level 2 cache.

The rumour comes from the Turkish tech site Donanimhabe which has managed to stand up some quite good AMD rumours lately.

Apparently the chip will be based on a 32 nanometer chip architecture and can be pushed to 2.6GHz in TurboCore mode and has an integrated Radeon HD 6620G graphics core. This gets 400 shaders and supports DirectX 11 while working at 444MHz.

It will also have support for dual-channel RAM up to 1,600MHz DDR3 standard memory, along with low-power DDR3L.

Its A-series graphics processors have a 128-bit memory bus and the A-series processors have dual-GPU support, such as for an AMD Radeon HD 6600 external GPU.

It will also mean that notebooks with the chip can run the 3D Blu-ray standard.

The rumour is based on some documents that Donanimhaber has got its paws on. It does not look like the traditional industry slide, there is no picture nor mention of price range for the beast.

Still it would be a worthy addition to any notebook with that spec, if AMD can sell it at a reasonable price.