AMD to gain from notebook GPU sales

Number crunchers at Forbes have been adding up all the figures and dividing them by their shoe size to work out that AMD is about to gain big bucks in the notebook GPU market.

While this seems a little odd to us, the notebook GPU market should be about to get turned on its head by integrated GPU and CPUS from Intel and AMD, we can’t argue with numbers.

AMD has a market share of about half of the discrete notebook GPU business, but Forbes thinks that the company will not only benefit from the growth in global notebook shipments, but also from an increase in discrete GPU penetration in notebooks.

It said that discrete notebook GPUs sold as a percent of notebook shipments increased from a quarter in 2005 to a thrid in 2011. It thinks that this figure will steadily increase to close to 46 percent.

When the economy improves, gaming enthusiasts will have better ability to afford GPUs and want better notebooks.

Already, Chinese machines have a high GPU attach rate and its GPU market is growing faster than the US.

This means that Nvidia and AMD will start fighting to get competitive on pricing or bring in new features.

Forbes agrees that the advancement in APUs from Intel and AMD could potentially make the entry-level graphics cards less desirable to some customers, but adds that the outlook for AMD is solid.