AMD targets hybrids with latest APU launch

Fabless chip company AMD has announced the latest in its 2013 Elite Mobility processors, the quad-core A4 1350 accelerated processor, which is the second quad core APU of the lot.

It’s got an average power at or below 3 watts for common use cases, according to AMD, as well as up to 172 percent more CPU performance per watt and 212 percent better graphics performance per watt compared to earlier generations.

The company boasts it sports up to 12 hours of resting battery life, and brags it beats “the competition” by nearly five times more GPU performance, referring to tests against Intel systems.

It ships with AMD Radeon Graphics and DirectX 11.1 support, plus AMD Dock Port for up to four external monitors on one connection, as well as the company’s Start Now technology which promises to boot up or resume from hibernation in seconds. 

The APU should ship this October in small screen touch notebooks, tablets, and 13 inch and under hybrid devices.

Bernd Lienhard, corporate vice president, AMD client business unit, said: “With quad-core performance, Radeon HD graphics and long battery life, the A4-1350 is ideal for new form factors like hybrid and convertible PCs.”