AMD surrenders in war against Intel

It is starting to look like AMD has woken up to the fact that it cannot defeat Intel and should be doing something better with its time like taking up knitting.

The two outfits have been slugging it out for processor supremacy for years, but AMD has worked out that really it should be targeting Qualcomm and Nvidia instead.

According to the San Jose Mercury, AMD spokesman Mike Silverman said that AMD needed to let go of the old ‘AMD versus Intel’ mindset.

He said AMD had wasted a lot of time going after Intel when it should have been developing a mobile strategy. Silverman, though, has played his part in this, in the past.

Its marketshare in PC microprocessors sits at about 19 percent, down from 23 percent in 2006 and its Bulldozer chips were not as good as hoped. The company even had to slash 1,400 jobs a few weeks ago.

The theory is that Intel may be able to focus on the PC microprocessor due to its market share and continued record earnings. But that is counter to what is happening in the Industry at the moment with the move to mobile.

Nvidia has done well since it had its “let’s not fight Intel any more” strategy forced upon it.

Still AMD de-emphasising the x86 market would be a major shift. It also assumes that it can elbow its way into the somewhat crowded mobile market. Not only is it late, it lacks any ideas to stop the ARM steamroller.