AMD still loves DirectX

AMD has backtracked on whether or not it thinks that DirectX is a bad thing.

Last week, Richard Huddy of AMD was quoted as saying that the aged Microsoft API DirectX was “getting in the way” of PC gaming performance.

“We often have at least ten times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in a high-end graphics card, yet it’s very clear that the games don’t look ten times as good… To a significant extent, that’s because, one way or another, for good reasons and bad – mostly good, DirectX is getting in the way,” he said.

It all seemed fairly clear to us and we can’t see how you could take something like that the wrong way.

However Huddy has since been on the blower to all and sundry saying his comments were taken out of context and he still loves the Volish API really.

Now Huddy claims that AMD isn’t looking to change the world and that ditching DirectX would really only be of benefit to “high-end gaming developers.” 

Speaking to CRN, he said that DirectX was not something that most developers want, but if you held a vote, they would go for Direct X or Open GL, because it’s a great platform.

Huddy said that Direct X provides a highly stable platform. It’s hard to crash a machine with Direct X, as there’s lots of protection to make sure the game isn’t taking down the machine, which is certainly rare especially compared to ten or fifteen years ago.

Confused? Yeah we were too. We think Huddy was more consistent when he worked with Emu.