AMD starts selling DRAM in the States

AMD has started knocking out memory products for availability in the States. AMD claims its brand will “help take the guesswork” out of choosing DRAM.

Its partners in VisionTek and Patriot will manufacture DRAM in three different flavours for AMD, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. What AMD is calling the ‘entertainment category’ – made in mind of home theatre PCs – will run at speeds of 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz, while its Performance version manages 1600 MHz and Radeon Edition runs at 1866 MHz.

AMD said it makes sense to offer memory products to the market. That’s because it has been supplying memory for Radeon cards for years, anyway, so it might as well flog them separately. 

The fabless chip company had Radeon memory spotted earlier this year over in the Land of the Rising Sun. At the time, critics wondered why AMD was so keen to sell memory under the Radeon brand when the market as a whole was suffering. They’ll still be asking the same questions.

Memory, and DRAM in particular has been struggling, however the market for mobile DRAM is set to keep sailing