AMD spills red blood on the carpet, cans ATI

Fabless firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has decided to can its ATI brand and put everything into its AMD “Vision” bag.

ATI has sustained AMD for the last 18 months as its graphics chips have been doing really quite well against the opposition, that is to say the Ever Surpassing Nvidia.

Here are AMD’s official reasons. It has done a heap of surveys around the world and the AMD brand is stronger than the ATI brand when viewed against the competition.

“The results include ‘permission’ to consolidate under the AMD brand,” so AMD is going to drop the ATI letters and keep the Radeon and Fire Pro brands. Radeon Graphics and FirePro will keep the red colours – the shame, sorry same hue as ATI.

AMD wheeled in Sapphire top marketing supremo Adrian Thompson to endorse its branding. Thompson thinks it is a good move.  But XFX senior VP Eddie Memon said his firm had some reservations. AMD convinced him and his company.

Fusion will be the perfect catalyst to merge the brands. Existing products will keep the ATI brand until they shuffle off into obscurity. AMD’s “Fusion” chips are codenamed the Ontario – made by Taiwanese giant TSMC, and Llano, made by AMD former spin off GloFo (Global Foundries). The former will come out by the end of the year. The latter will ship in the second half of next year.

We suspect AMD-ATI would have preferred it if it was the t’other way round. No doubt Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsen Huang (pictured), is hooting.