AMD shows off its Llano Fusion chip in Old Taipei

X86 chip contender AMD has briefed its Taiwanese partners about its “Llano” Fusion device.

AMD decided to demo it by calculating the value of Pi (π) to 32 million decimal places and decoding HD video using BluRay. It claimed that running concurrent to CPU and HD video, the chip manages 30 GFLOPS running MS Nbody direct.

The chip won’t be out until next year, notwithstanding the demonstration, unless AMD is fibbing in a vain hope that Intel will be confuddled.

Llano is taking aim at the notebook, desktop and ultrathin machines. Another Fusion processor, codenamed Ontario is sort of a netbook chip and is made by TSMC. Llano is being built by GlobalFoundries (GloFo).

A Youtube video is here, for your viewing delectation. AMD loves Taiwan and hopes Taiwan loves it more than it loves Intel. That’s why it has introduced an “egosystem” for its Taiwanese partners.

*EyeSee that some politicians tried to make the value of Pi four, because it made things a bit easier for them.