AMD shows off its 28nm GPU

Showgoers at AMD’s Fusion 2011 show were wowed by AMD showing off its next generation graphics processor, based on 28nm process technology.

Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD’s Graphics Division, Matt Skynner, showed off the new chip as part of his keynote titled, “Enabling the Best Visual Experience.” Skynner demonstrated a notebook-based version of AMD’s 28nm next-generation graphics processor having little trouble with Bioware’s role-playing title, Dragon Age 2.

Skynner said that the outfit’s transition to the 28nm process node, coupled with new innovations in the underlying graphics architecture, is already generating excitement among the ODM community.

There were very few technical specifications for what Skynner showed off. AMD is betting the farm on its Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). This mirrors Intel’s own strategy of killing off discrete graphic’s cards in favour of hybrid GPU/CPU units.

So far the hybrid chips have only been able to provide fairly basic graphics and have been damaging AMD’s budget GPU range.