AMD shows off Fusion wafer, Fusion demo

Rick Bergman, senior vice president of products at AMD, showed off a Fusion wafer of one of its APUs that it is already sampling.  

He also showed off a demo of one of the “accelerated processor units” (APU) running for about 10-15 seconds.

AMD has been showing off samples of Fusion to people here at Compusex “behind closed doors”, he said. AMD he claimed, is the fusion of graphics chips and CPUs on a single die. He claimed that the APUs kick off a “new era” with a high speed bus architecture, a shared low latency memory model, and a single die design.

Bergman said that the two Fusion processors it’s sampling – the Llano and the Ontario – will launch in the first half of 2011. The Ontario Fusion is a low power, chip and aimed at “sleek and affordable designs”


The Fusion APUs are 100 percent X86 compatible, he said. They will support graphically rich apps and UIs, and UVD3 – which is enhanced video processing.

You don’t have to throw away your old software, he said. AMD has created the Fusion Fund programme to help its partners and will do so by investing in companies. He didn’t say how much money will be involved.

Bergman showed some demonstrations. He said that the DX11 demo was running on a Fusion processor. It was quite a little choppy and lasted about 15 seconds but running live, claimed Bergman. He didn’t say what type of machine was running it.

He then showed a demo of Fusion in conjunction with Internet Explorer – he showed it without the APU and when he turned on the APU he got 60 frames rather than the two frames without the APU. He didn’t say what was running the first part of that demo or the second part of that demo either.

So there are really more questions and answers. And as there wasn’t a Q&A session there were no questions and no answers. Even if there had have been a Q&A we suspect there would have been many questions and few answers anyway, so perhaps it’s just as well.