AMD should move from GloFo to Samsung

While the rumours are that AMD is looking to shifting a large chunk of its chip production away from GloFlo to TSMC, it seems that the fabless chip maker might have a better long term back-up plan.

Kitguru  claims that AMD is considering a more radical shift and is actually looking towards Samsung to provide its chips in 2013 and 2014.

Samsung has everything that AMD would need in a production partner. If the two cosy up, AMD could end up in millions of Samsung branded technology devices each year.

In fact, Samsung could do well from Fusion/APU technology. At the moment Samsung is relying on its wielding of four Cortex A9 cores at 1.5GHz with proprietary graphics. This limits it to four pixel processors that munch 57 million triangles a second and it is starting to look like it will face a bit of competition in the future.

Samsung also has a fully functional 28nm production process while TSMC is flat out trying to cope with demand. Meanwhile Samsung makes practically all its own components and is able to give its rivals a kicking because it not only sells the notebook but also the hard drive, screen and memory. And jet planes. And ships.

It is a compelling argument, particularly as TSMC’s production costs are likely to rise as it has to spend money appearing to make its Chinese factories look less like sweatshops.