AMD shipped a million Fusions in December

Sources at the Distree XXL conference here in Monaco told TechEye that AMD has shipped a million of its Fusion chips so far.

But the big question remains how well AMD will be capitalise on the faux pas Intel made when it got the chipset wrong for its latest Sandy “Galloping Gertie” Bridge processor.

AMD’s advantage is that its Brazos APU chipset combo costs distributors about $100 or so, which they can then sell on with a $10 or so margin – that competes favourably with Intel’s Atom.

One big channel player told TechEye that he feared that AMD would fail to capitalise on the big advantage the Intel Sandy Bridges cock up gave the company.

He said: “As far as I can tell, AMD has no strategy in place to take advantage of Intel’s cock up. How could that be?” AMD is also somewhat rudderless at the moment as it is looking for a replacement for Dirk Meyer, the CEO it ousted. So there is a feeling that it is thrashing about unsure how to capitalise on its opportunities.

While AMD’s Llano will start production in May/June, it’s unlikely we’ll see products using the Fusion microprocessor until September, the sources added.