AMD shifts engineers on to mobile

AMD claims that its engineers are being transited to mobile, according to one of its senior executives.

The words from Lisa Su, AMD’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Business Units, will be news to AMD engineers, many of whom are being transited to dole queues.

Su told Reuters that AMD, which has been struggling to make a buck in the modern mobile world, has been making a difficult shift in company culture.

She said that veteran engineers, who for years have specialised in designing PC chips based on x86 architecture, are warming to new ways of working.

We guess with all the restructuring many of them are warming their hands on cups of soup handed to them by volunteers. But Su is a more recent hire, having joined AMD as part of a new management team hired by CEO Rory Read.

Su told Reuters that her lack of experience with PCs was a major asset when it came to working at AMD because it was an asset in developing new strategy. Why does it not surprise us that in the US, ignorance is seen as an asset, when half the country believes that the world is 10,000 years old?

Her argument is that she believed in using the best IP for a given application and she could only believe that because she was not a long-time AMDer.

She said that there was a mentality that if you’re a long time AMDer then it’s just about building better x86 devices.

Su said that much of the transition over the past year is that now AMD is a system-on-a-chip company. This might be something to do with them getting rid of most of the “old AMDers” as part of the restructuring. Some analysts are a little concerned that the company may not have enough engineers to compete.

AMD recently announced it has licensed technology from Britain’s ARM Holdings and will use it to build low-power chips for servers.  Su said AMD’s relationship with ARM would grow over time.