AMD sends developers new APUs

AMD has started sending out its next generation development systems with new Fusion accelerated processing units to software developers.

The move is being seen as the outfit trying to get developers to brace themselves for the next-generation Jaguar low-power micro-architecture.

Johan Andersson, technical director of Frostbite at EA Digital Illusions, a Sweden-based computer game developer that is owned by Electronics Arts, told Xbit that a snap of a prototype PC board with installed microprocessor and cooler but without memory and storage is circulating among developers.

He did not say what it was but claimed that it was AMD’s “next generation APU” development system.

It is unlikely that AMD would be shipping  the Trinity 2.0 Richland APU this late in the roadmap so it is a fairly safe bet that it is Kaveri, which has up to four high-performance Steamroller x86 cores, and an AMD Radeon HD 7000/GCN graphics core, or Kabini which has up to four low-power Jaguar x86 cores, AMD Radeon HD 7000/GCN graphics core chips.

Kabini chips are supposed to be launched in June, so it is fairly likely that AMD started to send development systems to software designers.

There is a theory that AMD has already started to provide game developers its Kaveri APUs to make them familiar with the next-generation high-performance x86 core.

Kaveri chips are only supposed to hit the market in late 2013 but AMD is worried that there will not be enough products out there which will demand that sort of performance.

Kaveri and Kabini have heterogeneous system architecture features that are designed to have x86 CPU cores and GPU cores to work more efficiently together.

Game developers will need to get their paws on both, especially as HSA will be heavily used in next generation consoles.