AMD says Ni Hao! to Trinity chip

Here we are at Kelti Towers, a little further up from Taipei 101, for AMD’s keynote today. The execs are fairly sure they are going to blow the competition out of the water.

AMD China’s David Tang opened the conference. He’s only been at AMD a couple of months but he certainly seemed excited to talk up OEMs like MSI, HP and Acer, who all had front row seats while the press watched the back-patting from afar. 

“How many of you have heard about Fusion?” he asked excitedly, but met with a, we guess, shy press there wasn’t much more than a few coughs. Of course, we’d all heard of Fusion – winner at Compusex this year – and according to Tang it’s just the thing that will “bring us all success”.

The main announcement was introduced by Rick Bergman. Yes, AMD’s got some new chips in store for us next year and beyond. According to Bergman, the upcoming Llano is already old news, because Trinity, Honda and Krishna will be cropping up next year.

“We’re done with Ontario and Llano now,” Bergman said. “We are busy working on the next greatest thing. The surprise is Trinity – Llano is 2011’s greatest APU. Trinity is 2012’s greatest APU.”

He revealed the chip and the predominantly Chinese crowd rushed to the front to take photos. Bergman thinks we’ll have supercomputer power in a notebook and with excellent battery life too. 
AMD is also finally ready for tablets, too, it says. Chris Cloran reckons that the Brazos Z series runs nicely on… Windows. “I’m sure many of you are skeptical about Windows on tablets, but Rosen from Bluestacks may convince you otherwise.”

Enter stage left, Rosen from Bluestacks, who demos an Acer tablet that has Windows on it. You can switch to Android as well. We don’t think the crowd was quite convinced. 

Lastly we had the pleasure of listening to the famous Nigel Dessau, head of marketing at AMD. Dessau has decided that the  new  AMD brand should be Vision, and it will come in three tiers: a4, a6 and a8.  

The lines will sport quad core, dual core and Radeon dual graphics, respectively.

The whole shebang ended with a Taiwanese love-in for AMD’s partners, each invited up to plug their latest products and enjoy a good handshake in front of the crowd, before Dessau kindly invited everyone on stage at once for a media photo opportunity.

We forgot to take one, but here’s a great advert on the building opposite.