AMD rumoured to delay GPU this year

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour that AMD will not ship any of its next-generation GPUs this year.

Word on the street appears to indicate that the Radeon 7000, which was earmarked for the end of the year will only be seen in 2012.

They can get away with this because Nvidia is following a similar cunning plan. Both are trying to make GPUs based on the 28nm fabrication process.

AMD is apparently in no hurry to push forward when its main rival can’t be bothered. On Friday, Nordic Hardware said AMD is also seeing a huge demand for its Radeon 6000 line of GPUs.

Who needs to bring out something new when your old gear is still selling like hotcakes?

However, Nordic added that AMD was also having capacity problems. It is a problem that it had with the HD 6000 and orders from OEM manufacturers and distribution channels have been stacking up.  Bringing out a new chip would just give it a bigger headache.

This is probably the reason why AMD has not come forward with news about the new gear other than a tease earlier last week.  A move to 28nm would be a major step forward, and judging by previous jumps this should be heralded with lots of leaks and pre-publicity. There has been a loud sounding nothing from AMD.

The same thing applies to Nvidia, which has only been chatting about its mobile platforms. Mobile seems to be eating up the attention of the chipmakers at this point too.

The theory is that games are being developed for consoles first and then ported to PCs.  Since consoles have lower specs, most PC users don’t need to upgrade.