AMD reveals strange plans on how it is going to diss Intel

Intel had a buzzy Ultrabook thing going in central CES while AMD had a little bunker in rooms 225-277.

That doesn’t mean AMD is down and out though. 

The relationship with GloFo is all down. AMD’s famous Series A might come out by the year’s end, but it will be the 31st of December if we are lucky. Advanced Micro Devices refused, refused and refused again to give us a date for the Series A chips.

Which might, just might sell quite a few, given a following wind. We are quite frankly amazed at AMD’s ineptitude.

Series A has, on the face of it, quite a delta over Intel because AMD has DirectX11, or at least, that’s the line. But the staffers refused to admit the Series A is badly delayed.

As usual, AMD is in chaos mode, while around CES, Intel wins. This must be a decisive and possibly terminal win for the Santa Clata chip giant. But there must be a message for American Free Trade here. As in, competition is good and not only on the graphics chip front.

Completely ourageous, as far as Free Trade goes. America must prosecute Intel and impose the most stinging penalties on a monopoly which punishes, punishes and punishes again any creature which dares to stand up to it.

Of course, AMD has settled. But, the US government should not have allowed this settlement in the right of Free Trade. Then again, what can corporations do about American competitors apart from Borg them?