AMD reveals server strategy and roadmap

AMD has revealed its latest server roadmap and it has a cunning plan to recapture market share in data centre servers and micro servers, with the help of some interesting acronyms. 

Grunge loving Seattle is AMD’s first ARM based server chip and it will show up in mid-2014. It is based on ARM’s new 64-bit Cortex A-57 core and it will launch as an eight-core, clocked at 2GHz or higher. It will be joined by a 16-core version later on. AMD says the chip will “set the bar” in power efficiency and it will be the industry’s “premier ARM server CPU”.

However, before AMD introduces its first ARM part, it will have a bit of fun with x86 cores. Berlin is a Steamroller based server part with top notch power efficiency. It is AMD’s first server part to be built on the Heterogenous System Architecture (HSA) and it is pretty much a server version of Kaveri. Some versions will feature CGN GPUs, too. AMD says the chip will deliver double the performance of Kyoto. Berlin will ship in the first half of 2014.

Warsaw is apparently based on the venerable Piledriver core. It is AMD’s next generation 2P/4P offering and it will feature the same socket as the Opteron 6300 series, making cheap upgrades possible. It will be available in 12-core and 16-core versions and it is slated to ship in Q1 2014.

AMD also used the opportunity to announce the availability of Kyoto, or X-series server parts based on the 28nm Jaguar core.