AMD releases "world's most powerful" workstation GPU

AMD has released a range of workstation GPUs, the FirePro W9000, W8000, and W5000, which it claims are the world’s fastest.

The cards have been designed with graphic professionals in mind and are not targeted at consumer gamers.

They are built for high speed CAD calculations, Maya models other advanced computational programs which need a fair bit of grunt. The cards are based around AMD’s own Eyefinity technology and can drive up to six, 30″ panels via Multi-Stream Transport hubs. Quite why you would want six multistream panels is anyone’s guess.

The lower-end W5000 starts at $599, with the top-end W9000 costs a buck short of $4000.

AMD says that the cards are the most powerful workstation graphics card ever created. All of them can handle the leading software and can manage ultra-high geometry performance.

For example the FirePro W9000 workstation GPU can manage 1.95 billion triangles per second, which is 1.5 times as great as the rival’s most powerful workstation graphics card, and up to 83 percent greater memory bandwidth than the competition.

Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Graphics said that professionals were working with larger data sets that demand advanced visualisation and complex models.