AMD releases R-Series

AMD has released its latest embedded APU range.

Imaginatively titled the “R-Series” the platform is designed for mid- to high-end graphics-intensive applications such as digital signage, casino gaming, point-of-sale systems and kiosk stuff.

AMD also thinks it could find its way into parallel-processing-intensive systems for medical imaging and security.

As you might expect the R-Series APU combines the new “Piledriver” CPU architecture. But it also uses DirectX 11-capable AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics.

Buddy Broeker, director, AMD Embedded Solutions said that with the AMD Embedded R-Series, AMD does lots of leveraging to things without seams in a very heterogeneous way. But if you have read an AMD press release before, they always say that. This press release seems to want to win the award for the most gratous over use of the word leverage.

The AMD Embedded R-Series APU means developers with the flexibility to leverage the same board design and software stack for a variety of applications. We guess this means that they can lift it up to stick a spare tire on it.

Developers working with the AMD Embedded R-Series APU can use remote management, client virtualization and security capabilities, AMD said.

This will help reduce deployment costs ,increase security and reliability thanks to the AMD DAS 1.0 featuring DASH 1.1, AMD Virtualisation and Trusted Platform Module 1.2 support.