AMD releases new dual core APU

AMD seems to be putting out more embedded designs faster that it can write press releases for them.

This week it has released a new dual core APU which it says offers high performance at approximately 3W average power. It is selling for $74.00

Released with the catchy title GX-210JA, the chip is being launched as part of the company’s Embedded G-Series processor family.

According to New Electronics, the chip has been designed for controls and automation, digital gaming, communications infrastructure and visual embedded products including thin client, digital signage and medical imaging.

All this gets AMD further away from the troubled PC market.

Arun Iyengar, vice president and general manager, AMD Embedded Systems said that the new GX-210JA operates at an average of approximately 3W, enabling a new generation of fanless designs for content rich, multimedia and traditional workload processing.

The GX-210JA is a system on a chip, that combines two CPU cores, 1 MB of L2 cache, DDR3 memory controller, HD 8180 graphics and FCH on a single die. The processor runs at 1 GHz, which is identical to previously released GX-210HA. The GPU on the 210JA is clocked lower, at 225MHz, which helps it to reach lower 6 Watt TDP. The processor supports DDR3-1066 memory, and is offered in FT3 BGA package.